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Affadavit from
F. Pearl McBroom, M.D., Inc.
Internal Medicine, Cardiology
Preventive Medicine
Pacific Palisades Highlands, CA

In the past seven months, F. Pearl McBroom. M.D., has examined the efficacy of sublingually administered Human Growth Hormone of Natural Plant Origin in patients ranging in age from mid thirties to nineties.

The list of benefits outlined in Dr. Ronald Klatz's Book "Grow Young With HGH", are not only being substantiated, however, without the need of injection and its expense, or chemical side effects. Dr. Klatz is the Founder and President of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

Dramatic revitalization and rejuvenation, and evidence of organ regrowth are being suggested in the same wide range of conditions from Osteoporosis to Aids.

The excitement continues over the growing numbers, suggesting remarkable benefits.

Results in the use of sublingually administered growth hormone (Regenesis) in 80 patients over a two year period, all but two (one with highest endogenous IGF1 - insulin growth hormone level) were otherwise consistent in demonstrating increase in energy, (including those with chronic fatigue syndrome), increase in mental alacrity (including Alzheimer's, Senile Dementia and Depressive Reactions) hormonal balancing with amelioration of PMS and in one, disappearance of long term endometriosis. There was marked increase in sense of well being, including two HIV positive patients one of whom also evidenced dramatic decrease in viral count.

It is our intent to pursue our present study in a methodical and comprehensive research design. Dozens of doctors from around the world are now reporting clinical results contributing to a massive clinical study involving thousands of patients over a 3-year period.

Follow through is definitely indicated from our first seven months of study. Funding for this research design will assume priority over all our existing studies.

Conditions suggesting amazing improvement thus far include: Chronic Fatigue States (particularly related to Viremia), Hormonal Imbalance and Deficiency States in both male and female; Hypothyroidism, Chronic Brain Syndrome, Alzheimer's Disease, Depressive States, Arthritis, Bursitis, Hypertension, Obesity, Osteoporosis; and strongly suggested that general improvement in conditions such as Aids and Malabsorption Syndromes be researched.

A normal double blind study into the nature of and effectiveness of the HGH sublingual preparation, such study will be effectively instituted. Indications from the preliminary findings are most optimistic, and patient compliance and results most rewarding.


F. Pearl McBroom, M.D. is an internal medicine and cardiology specialist in Southern California. Having the longest clinical experience of any physician with spray GH gives her a unique and convincing perspective. In a summary statement, Dr. McBroom notes that she has documented significant improvements in greater than 95 percent of her patients with oral spray growth hormone. The most common results include increases in energy, improved mental clarity, restoration of hormone balance and an increased sense of well-being.



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