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Babak Parisan M.D. of the Bushard Medical Group clinically evaluated and assisted in a six-month study involving the administration of a polymer matrix oral spray Recombinant Growth Hormone delivery system. 200 healthy patients were screened and tested (112 females and 88 males). IGF-1 testing is presently the standard accepted protocol for evaluating the level of Growth Hormone in the blood.

Patients were pre-examined to determine a baseline IGF-1: 114.26 ng/ml in females (average age 51) and 135.22 ng/ml in males (average age 48). No change in diet was advised, however it was noted that all patients ate an average of 3 meals per day with approximately 3000 calories.

Testing began with a prescribed dosage of 3 sprays in the morning within one hour of awakening (equaling approximately 1000 ng of HGH) and 3 sprays in the evening immediately before retiring (totaling approximately 2000 ng of GH per day, seven days a week).

30 days after inception, testing showed that patients' IGF-1 levels were elevated 30% over baselines: 149.85 ng/ml in females and 176.31 ng/ml in males.

After 60 days, IGF-1 levels were tested again and shown to be 53% over baselines: 175.63 ng/ml in females and 209.59 ng/ml in males. At the end of the 6 month study, IGF-1 levels had increased over 102% over baseline in females (232.12 ng/ml) and 109% over baseline in males (284.05 ng/ml).

Cholesterol levels were diminished in 94 patients by an average of 14.8%, and triglyceride levels were also reduced by 31%. Improvements were noted in mental stability, muscle accretion, weight reduction, energy level, libido, epidermis rejuvenation, and reacquired hair color and density. In all 200 patients no adverse side effects were reported or observed.

Results indicate the following: The study suggests that the use of the 191 amino acid growth hormone molecule administered in a sublingual application is an effective method for encouraging and promoting the rejuvenation of cellular tissues.


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