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Regenesis Reports Shelf Life Test Results

Regenesis Plus Oral Spray GH

May 22, 2002

To: Regenesis Customers

Subj.: Shelf Life test

The following is the result of Regenesis Plus testing for shelf life:

Sample ID: 120501320

Growth Hormone level: 320ng /per spray

Lab Number: M-5568-1

Shelf Life: 5.0

No deterioration in the level of GH was detected beyond analytical error (<10%) over a period equivalent of 5.0 years.

Regenesis is still on the forefront of technology in the arena of oral GH. No other GH company can express this shelf life for their GH products with the science and testing to back it up. Most other companies selling oral GH have a shelf life of a maximum of 90 days and there is no GH left in the bottle.

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