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Dr. Bob Doughton, MD

To my friends in the American Holistic Medical Association: In 1998 researchers discovered that by placing a polymer matrix around somatotropin molecules, the somatotropin could be caused to cross mucous membranes as in the mouth. Anecdotal evidence and laboratory confirmation in my office and other sites established that the complex was pharmacologically active. In my particular cases, my somatotropin levels elevated from 140 to 292 as measured by serum IGF-1, I began sleeping much better, and several precancerous lesions on the skin of my brow began to heal, and slowly, I lost 14 pounds. My wife Carolyn reversed her osteoporosis by laboratory test, but had no such immediately symptomatic improvement. Her osteoporosis was not symptomatic. More formal studies by Brad Weeks MD showed a 41% rise in IGF levels, and 32% rise in DHEA and an 18% increase in testosterone in men. There was a lowering of cholesterol overall and an increase in HDL cholesterol (the good guy). The cost is affordable. Most of us feel that this agent is a primary player in an anti-aging medicine program. It is hard not to go overboard in enthusiasm for this agent. The only fairly frequent side effect are a couple of days of detoxification and a change in body fluid dynamics such that ankle edema is fairly common in the first two weeks. This latter is clearly caused by rehydradtion of the body because it is really true that the aging body is dryer than a youthful body. ( Old and dried up is valid.) Unfortunately, the rehydration must begin in the extracellular space before it goes into the cells. There is now a double blind study from Chicago that verifies the series results. The fact that this agent raises DHEA significantly should impress us particularly at the AHMA as one of our founders has advocated for years that anything that raises DHEA naturally will improve our health and longevity.

There are clinical studies that indicate the receptor sites are not overwhelmed by the ng doses as they are with the IM mg doses. Who should take this product is anyone over 35 who notices that they are not what they used to be. Hypoparathyroidism is a contraindication. Diabetes adult onset type is not. In many cases sugar metabolism is enhanced in type two diabetics. A word of caution here because some diabetics do have changes in their insulin needs that must be accommodated. GH and insulin interact in ways now believed to be mysterious, whereas formerly we believed they they were antagonistic.

The recommended dose is three sprays per day orally under the tongue or in the cheeks. I take double dose at bedtime.

Thank you for your interest to read this letter.

Bob Doughton MD



Compiled from various sources and personal observations

by Robert Doughton MD

The usual dose of the product is one spray in the morning and two at bedtime. Spray under the tongue or in the cheek. Keep your mouth closed for 1 to 2 minutes. This spray may be used continuously unlike precursor products. The bedtime dose is important as it is during sleep that repair of the days activities occurs. This is because repair does not occur during high adrenal activity, which is specifically lowered by the body at bedtime. Precursor and secretogogue (pronounced see-kreetŐ-o-gog) products are effective and may easily be used together with GH. These latter products must have a time out phase or the pituitary will get lazy. TIP: GH is specifically excreted by the pituitary after exercise, and I believe an extra dose should be taken at that time to mimic what the body does. This is the greatest advantage that I know of for the oral spray versus the injection product, that it can be used frequently in small doses, which is how the body naturally does it. For some reason that is a mystery, the GH begins to work on the body systems in a different order for most people. It would be nice to believe that the hormone has a brain and goes to where it is most needed, but I am clear there is another mechanism at work, and I wish I knew what it is. Over six months time there tends to be a more uniform result. First Month: vivid dreams, optimistic attitude, especially less sense of isolation, sounder sleep, increased energy level, improved stamina. Second Month improvement in: muscle tone & strength, skin tone, nail growth, digestion, vision, sexual function, weight loss. Third Month: improvement more noticeable: mental processes, productivity, wound healing, thicker hair, libido, muscle size, muscles recover from soreness faster, body flexibility, less joint and muscle pain, begin to notice that improvements see-saw, however, rejuvenation is still in process. Lab tests show elevation in IGF-1 (60 days is the usual time) DHEA raises 30 % on average. This is profound Fourth Month: situation of third month remains. The see-saw course is moving upward. Fifth Month: improved weight loss and reduction of inches, skin texture and thickness are noticeable in appearance reduction of wrinkles (versus crease lines which do not, boo-hoo), hair has a shiny and healthy appearance. Sixth Month: cellulite diminishes, body begins to contour better, exercise tolerance improves, lowered blood pressure, improved lipid profile - LDL cholesterol lowers HDL cholesterol raises triglycerides lower, bone density is improved (lab tests needed to prove this), longevity has improved by six months and you are eager for six more, general optimism.


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