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The most documented growth hormone support product in the world.


Increased energy, weight loss, leaner muscle mass, sleeping better, younger wrinkle free skin, enhanced sexual performance - and more can be yours as you increase human growth hormone or HGH in your body. The benefits of increasing GH levels in adults (30 yrs+) have been well documented. Slowing, stopping or even reversing the biological aging process is simple, practical and possible. Revitalization of energy levels, increased immune functions, regeneration of all major organs (including the skin) and strengthening of bones are just a few of the benefits of increased GH levels.

More Balanced, Youthful Hormones

After a double blind clinical study on Regenesis oral spray, Dr. Steven Novil concluded: "There is a significant physiological change with the patients. The direction in movement of hormone levels being brought back to youthful and regenerative levels is significant in of itself." He went on to state, "Supporting data of the double blind study, show that the patients consistently evidenced marked progressiveness towards balance. The spray returned the body to a higher metabolism with greater efficiency and a more youthful level of chemistry."

Some people notice improvements within a few weeks, such as increased energy, better sleep, and better mood. However for others it takes longer. An initial period of at least 6 months is recommended. Structural improvements in skin and hair definitely take longer, months and not weeks. Remember that the initial benefits occur "on the inside" before manifesting "on the outside". If you practice a healthy lifestyle while using Regenesis Pro 500, you are likely to see results faster.

F. Pearl McBroom, MD, Preventive MedicineSpecialist in Southern California, has extensive clinical experience with Regenesis oral spray. She has documented improvement in greater than 95% of patients studied, including increased energy, improved mental clarity, restoration of hormone balance and an increased sense of well being.


Why Regenesis?

Regenesis originated oral GH support spray. With more experience than anyone else, Regenesis has learned how to make the most effective and lasting rejuvenation spray. We are the only manufacturer with double blind clinical studies and shelf life studies.

Regenesis Pro 800 mimics the body with Low Dosage/High Frequency (LD/HF) therapy. This approach works with the body in the natural GH release cycle.

Regenesis Pro 800 has shown to lower free serum IGF-1 levels by promoting an increased number of IGF receptor sites. High levels of free serum IGF (and insulin) have been associated with obesity, diabetes and cancers.

People who have been on Regenesis Pro 800 tell us the benefits continue over the years they have taken the product. They become more youthful both physically and mentally.

Clinical evidence demonstrates that by increasing Growth Hormone levels we can dramatically reverse many negative health symptoms that develop with aging.

Injected GH and oral spray work in entirely different manners. Finally there is an effective choice at a price virtually everyone can afford.

The Finest Option Available

Regenesis Pro 500 was designed to stimulate the production and release of your own Growth Hormone. Evidence suggests Regenesis Pro 500 may also enhances the absorption of the resulting growth factors. Over a period of time (typically 3-9 months) users may notice a drop in IGF-1 numbers while seeing positive results from Regenesis Pro 500 spray. Since HGH is responsible for the regulation of IGF-1 in the liver, scientists and manufacturers assume anything that increases lGF-1 levels must also be increasing HGH levels. There is much evidence this is not the case.

Dr. Rashid Buttar has observed significantly lower than expected IGF-1 levels among high performance athletes. Athletes have lower serum glucose levels and a greater sensitivity to insulin. As well, athletes are biologically (physiologically) younger than sedentary people. He states "Efficacious hGH therapy does not increase IFG-1 levels". In fact there is "An inverse correlation of IGF-1 and hGH efficacy".

We believe that effective Pro 500 therapy will increase IGF receptor sites. The increase in IGF receptor sites leads to an increase in IGF binding and a lowering of circulating serum IGF-1.This is what numerous clinics have observed in patients taking Regenesis Pro 800 as well.

Reported Benefits

  • Increased energy, strength and stamina
  • Strengthens bones, stimulates tissue repair
  • Improved memory & intellectual capacity
  • Regeneration of the brain, pancreas, liver, heart, spleen, kidneys and other organs
  • Improved sexual drive and performance
  • Enhanced immunity, infection resistance
  • Improved exercise performance
  • Increased muscle mass without exercise
  • Reduction of excess cellulite and fat
  • Reduction of high blood pressure
  • Improved cholesterol profiles
  • Strengthening bones, reversing osteoporosis
  • Elevation of moods, reducing depression
  • Improved deep sleep (healing sleep)
  • Improved skin elasticity and thickness
  • Smoothing and reduction of facial wrinkles

In essence, we are turning back the biological clock


Oral ingestion by Spray has been shown to be up to 9 times more effective than swallowing pills or capsules, due to superior bio-availability and absorption.

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Each bottle is a 1- 2 month supply


Why Increase

Growth Hormone Levels?

Growth Hormone is abundant in the body when people are young. During that same time they have seemingly endless energy, creativity - and an attitude that they can accomplish nearly anything. As we grow older our bodies produce less Growth Hormone each year - they also begin to deteriorate in many ways. Well, according to Dr. Daniel Rudman, "The overall deterioration of the body that comes with growing old is not inevitable. We now realize that some aspects of it can be prevented or reversed."

What if I Increase HGH Levels?

Clinical evidence demonstrates that by increasing Growth Hormone we can dramatically reverse many negative health symptoms that develop with aging. Unlike many other hormones, GH is considered a master hormone, affecting almost all body tissues and controlling many functions, as well as acting on the mind.

HGH and IGF-1 helps the DNA repair itself better, prior to cell division. HGH initiates the transport of amino acids and nucleic acids into the cell. IGF-1 facilitates the transport of nucleic acids into the nucleus of the cell where the DNA resides, giving it the raw materials needed to repair damage to the DNA and initiate cell division.

Suggested usage of

Regenesis Pro 500

The most effective times to take Regenesis Pro 500 are immediately before exercise and immediately before bedtime.

Spray 3-4 sprays immediately prior to sleep. Spray once every 20-30 minutes during exercise. Exercise programs vary for each person. For some it is a brisk walk or gardening. For others it is a game of tennis or a strenuous workout. Whatever your exercise, spray before you begin.

Spray under the tongue or inside the cheek. Spread the sprays in different areas. Do not swallow for 1-2 minutes.

Spray 6-8 sprays per day for the first three months. Some users will change to a maintenance dosage of 4 sprays per day, however users will see much greater benefit from 6 sprays daily.

Regenesis Pro 500 is more effective when avoiding the period: 20 minutes before to 2 hours after eating.

Regenesis Pro 500 may be administered 7 days per week. Results may be increased by not using Regenesis Pro 500 for one week every 3 months.


Monitor Your Progress

It is important to understand that the most important benefits occur through long-term usage (1 year or more) of Regenesis Pro 800. We all notice when a new ache or pain comes along, however we donít often notice when they leave us. Make a list of all the items in which you would like to see a change for the better. Take another look at this list after 3, 6 and 12 months. We expect you will be pleased with your progress.



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